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Japanese Fans

Performing and Functional Fans For Japanese Kimono

We love handfans as much as anyone else and are delighted to offer an ever-changing selection of authentic Japanese fans on our site ranging from modern to antiques. Almost all of the fans features on this site are ready to use and will look great with any kimono or western attire. Fans are used by all genders and ages. Folding fans are known as sensu and have many purposes including use and application in dancing and performing arts. Uchiwa are flat paddle fans and look great tucked into the obi on your back. Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. 

Shop For Authentic Kimono From Our Online Kimono Store!

Our online kimono store offers a selection of authentic Japanese kimono, haori, obi and more for sale. Our kimono inventory for sale online is different from the kimono stock that goes with us to anime conventions and Japanese Festivals.

Sensu and Uchiwa Fans

There are two predominant styles of fan in Japan; sensu and uchiwa. Sensu are folding fans, and there are specially balanced and designed ones for use in performing arts such as classical dance and traditional theater. Uchiwa are paddle fans and are popular accessories for Japanese kimono. Uchiwa are most commonly displayed by slipping the fan in between a person's back and their obi. The weather in Japan can be rather hot and humid, which makes fans the most popular fashionable and practical statement you can make with your kimono accessories.

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