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Purses, Bags & Clutches

Perfect Accessories For Kimono

What kimono coordination isn't complete without the right purse to accent it? There are a wide variety of different purse styles that can be paired with traditional kimono outfits, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, designs and styles. The most well-known purse are Kinchaku, which are drawstring bags that are most commonly paired with yukata. Another popular purse design are the basket bags. Today many vintage and antique kimono that are unfit for wearing are upcycled into modern purses and clutches n a variety of different styles. From traditional to modern our selection of kimono bags and purses are ideal for many different occasions and coordination. These bags make for an ideal gift for the kimono lover in anyone's life.

Among the many bags in stock, we have a selection of handmade one's from an American artist. She has created a series of bangs with Japanese influenced fabrics that are the ideal travel bags for storing kitsuke dressing accessories in. We offer these bags on a limited basis, and are excited to offer them. These bags are made from an easy to care for cotton and are machine washable. 

Purses Made From & For Kimono

Purses make for a fashionable accessory for any outfit, and this holds true for Japanese kimono. In Japan, a wide variety of purses and clutch styles are paired with kimono. Some of these purses are even made from obi, haori, and kimono. Purses and other products that are sourced from kimono tend to be limited, to borderline exclusive with each design. Yukata are commonly paired with less formal purses, specifically Kinchaku.

Our kimono store is constantly changing!

Our online kimono store is constantly changing as we add new inventory to our site, and as products sell out. We take pride in knowing that our kimono all come from Japan and are authentic goods. Be certain to join our email list to be among the first to know about sales, and the newest haori, obi, and kimono added each week.

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