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The Cherry Blossom Festival was ROCKING!

We just returned from an amazing day at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana! This epic 1 day event is focused on many aspects of Japanese culture and includes many free hands on activities suitable for all ages: cosplay contest, anime art contest, origami, taiko drumming, tea ceremony, Japanese food, and of course a Japanese shopping market! This is the largest Japanese festival in Indiana, and several near by states. At this show we setup our single largest booth of the entire year, and party hard! The 2019 date has been announced for the festival, May 19th 2019. We hope that you might consider joining us for an amazing day dedicated to many traditional aspects of Japanese culture. This year our Samurai was granted the job of being the honor guard and escort of the Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana AND the Consul General Of Chicago. The Japanese Consulate of Chicago attends and supports this event. Here are a few photos from the Festival in case you could not attend it, and hope to make it in 2019.

Above: Our Samurai with the Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Consul General of Chicago. There are even some videos of the opening ceremony showing our samurai honor guard in action.

Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne Indiana

Above: This festival is ROCKING! It is the largest Japanese festival in the state of Indiana and several near by states.


Above: This is our obi wall, a favorite attraction. We setup a whole wall of obi for sale at the festival, and as they sell customers pull them down 1 by 1 until the wall is bare.

Ohio Kimono Customer

Above: The press were at the festival, and in this photo one of the news reporters loved one of our customer's kimono and stopped her for an interview. They even filmed her being dressed by one of our helpers!

wedding kimono

Above: This festival is a 'must do' if you love wearing kimono, or looking at them. Almost everyone who owns a Japanese kimono comes tot his even to wear their kimono, and admire other kimono. The kimono in this photo os a bridal style known as an Uchikake, and was on display at the festival.

child kimono

Above: People of all ages enjoyed buying and wearing kimono from us :D

Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne Indiana

Above: This is one of the performers at the festival, she frequents many Japanese festivals all over the USA and is a long time customer of ours. We met her for the first time years ago back at Japan Festival Boston. If you get a chance to see her perform, do so.


Above: Ikebana were also on display along with poetry.

Thank you for another great festival. You can shop for authentic Japanese kimono online with us 24/7.

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