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Book Review: Men's Kimono Dressing Manual

Over the years we have noticed that the majority of books dedicated to Japanese kimono and the art of kitsuke tend to be focused on feminine attire. With the countless ways in which one can tie an obi, is it any wonder that there are books full of hundreds of styles and methods to tie them? All the same men's attire is deceptively simple looking and we have been on the hunt for a book that would help enlighten us to some of the finer details of kitsuke for masculine styles. Book Name: Men's Kimono Dressing Manual


By: Sekaibunka-sha, printed in Japan

Release Date: October 21, 2014

This book is mostly written in Japanese, all the same it is right in photos which make understanding the context fairly simple for those who do not read Japanese. The majority of the photos in this book are in color, and the pages are a high quality gloss. Within this book there are several step by step photo demonstrations for dressing ranging from tying haori himo and putting on juban to various types of ties for obi. This book also explores some alternative styles and includes designs like Rumi Rock. Some of the labels on items are also in english, though most of this book is written in Japanese. Obviously if you can read Japanese this is a great book. All the same if you want to gain a grasp on men's attire and can appreciate photos on the topic this is a lovely book.


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