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Spice Up Your Old Yukata

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Yukata are among the most popular kind of traditional Japanese kimono. These types of kimono are favored for being comfortable, easy to wear, and being casual attire that does not require many accessories to wear properly. As a result many people's kimono collection starts with a yukata, and from there grow to include more formal types of kimono including Furisode, and Houmongi. As people's collections grow many want a fresh look on their old favorite yukata. By changing up the accessories paired with a kimono, you can get radically different looks and bring a fresh new style and look to something that you otherwise considered over worn. By changing something as simple as the hanhaba obi worn with a yukata, and mixing in fresh accessories like new geta and kinchaku you can bring your favorite kimono back to life.

Check out the photos below of 1 yukata used to create 4 different looks just by changing out the accessories paired with the kimono. Our online Japanese kimono store has a large selection of accessories for kimono such as hanhaba obi, geta, and more! We offer fast nationwide USA shipping, with orders travelling to places as distant as Hawaii and California in as little as 3 business days.

Have you purchased a yukata from us? We would love to see how you coordinate and wear your kimono and yukata! Send us your photos.

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