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Kimono Kitsuke Bags

Storing and travelling with your authentic kimono, and kitsuke dressing tools can be problematic. The desire to better organize our personal collections is natural, and for many of us we want more than just plastic containers, and luggage bags. We have teamed up with Sapien Ace Fabrications to offer a fine selection of travel bags that are ideal for not only makeup and cosmetics, but also for storing your kitsuke kits in. Each bag is made in the USA by the American artist known as Sapien Ace Fabrications who is largely self taught, and has learned much of her sewing skills from her mother. The fabrics selected for each bag widely vary, from Japanese inspired prints to more whimsical and fun designs such as cats, constellations, and even skulls. The cotton bags are fully lined and easy to care for, and can even be put into the washing machine. Each bag is large enough to hold: several koshihimo, 1 or 2 standard size makura, 1 or 2 obiage, 1 or 2 obijime, obidome, and kimono clips. To further enhance the utility of these handy kimono bags, the ends feature D rings to allow for the bags to be securely clipped onto luggage and other items. We also sell these bags with kitsuke kits, ideal for gifting to someone passionate about real kimono.

Check out her limited edition designs at:

Kimono Bag

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