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Japanese Fabric Bundles

Due to popular request we have begun converting some of our scrap stock into premade ready to use fabric bundles. These bundles are a wonderful way to acquire some unique and vintage fabrics from Japan that are otherwise not found elsewhere. Quilters, doll makers, and crafters alike rejoice! The fabric is all sourced from Japanese kimono, obi, and even haori that we get that are unfit for wearing. In the Japanese spirit we would hate to waste such garments, and rather do our part to see them upcycled into something new and wonderful. From quilts, to scarves, these fabrics scraps are ready to be transformed.

We have selective lots with specific styles, and even bulk bundles of scrap in a wide variety of materials from silk and cotton, to polyester and rayon.

To see our current selection of limited fabrics visit

Japanese Fabric

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