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Japanese Books During Open House

Due to popular request, we have pulled a selection of Japanese books from our private research library. These books will be set out and available for browsing during our annual open house, which is tomorrow. Most of the books we will have pulled are related to and focused on the topic of Japanese kimono. Other topics included in the selection into books on Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese embroidery, Samurai, Geisha, and even a publication focused on the arts of Japan during the Momoyama period. Many of these books are not easy to access, and do not exist in most public library systems. Our annual holiday open house is a once a year shopping event that has proven wildly popular. It is a chance to have access to our kimono warehouse, which is otherwise closed to the public. We have thousands of items in stock, most of which have not been added online or have been to shows. See you tomorrow, or you can shop online! Our first show of 2019 will be Ohayocon.

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