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NEW: Kimono Accessories

We had a wonderful weekend at Tekko 2019. Returning from the show we are back to the grind with the online kimono store and this week are working to round out a few parts of the online store. This week we are focusing on adding a number of accessories for Japanese kimono to the site including but not limited to geta, and obidome.

Geta come in a wide variety of styles, and genders. The geta we sell are informal, ideal for wearing with yukata. Tabi socks are almost always worn with geta so be certain to grab a pair with your purchase. More formal types of shoes for kimono are called zori. Zori are interesting in that they are wedge shaped but also a persons heel is suppose to hang off the back of the shoe by about an inch, and the toes off the side of these narrow shoes. We are working hard on getting caught up with all our online orders, and greatly appreciate everyone's patience. As a small family business we sometimes get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of our work between online orders and our travelling kimono boutique. None the less we are committed to shipping online orders our to our customers as swiftly as possible.




Our online traditional kimono store is constantly growing and we add at least 20 new items each week to it.

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