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Check out our latest kawaii stationery!

For years we have offered kawaii stationery at our travelling pop-up boutique, and also online. However our online store has fallen behind recently, and we felt it was over due for some fresh stock and great new merch. We are excited to announced that included in our stationery lineup are official SanX products from Japan! We currently are offering the SanX Rilakkuma and Summikko Gurashi character lines, and are looking to expand our selection based on customer purchased and feedback. Official SanX merch is not allowed to be sold on sites like Ebay and Amazing from official dealers, which is why its so cool that we are able to offer authentic SanX stationery! You know our selection is authentic and is NOT an illegal bootleg knockoff.

When selecting stationery we look for really unique stickers, journals, pens, and journals that will really stand out and are otherwise not sold in the USA. Visit our updates kawaii stationery selection:

All SanX product orders $20+ and get a FREE folder with online order!

Rilakkuma stickers

kawaii stationery

Sumikko Gurashi bag

kawaii stationery

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