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New SILK Kimono added this week!

There is nothing like authentic silk from Japan. Without a doubt Japanese silk is unrivaled in the world, which is why traditional kimono made of silk is in such demand. Over the years we have sold silk kimono to a variety of people for everything for use in wearing for tea ceremony to simply used as luxurious lounge wear for the home. The top sellers we offer for silk kimono are iromuji. Iromuji are a type of semi-formal to formal kimono that is generally a solid plain color, that feature luxury silk on the interior and exterior of the kimono.

This week we added over 15 of these kimono to our site in addition to other formal kimono, and even some cotton juban. We will next be at Ginza Festival in Chicago and then Matsuricon in Columbus. You can look at our latest selection of tradition silk Japanese kimono in our online store under the iromuji category!

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