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Check out our kawaii stationery grab bags!

While most people know us as a kimono store, we have for years offered stationery from Japan, China, and Korea at our traveling kimono boutique. It was, in fact, thanks in part to an early childhood penpal in the 1980s from Japan that the founder of Ohio Kimono developed an interest in Japan. Inside the very first letter from the Japanese penpal was beautiful stationery and even a delicately folded origami crane on opulent washi paper. Talk about a first impression! The founder of Ohio Kimono has an entire collection of stationery stickers from Japan dedicated to kimono, and yokai.

Since we are unable to travel at this time, our unique selection of delightful stationery does not have much of a chance to be shown off. As a result, we have created 2 curated packs of unique stationery for you to enjoy. Each pack includes a great selection of stickers, gel pens, and washi tape.

The Dreamer Stationery Pack features constellations, the moon, and plants such as roses and mushrooms as well as two plant growing gel pens.

The Kawaii Stationery pack is dedicated to all things cute: animals, magic, girls, and food!

While these stationery packs may not be our typical kimono offerings, we know they are going to be a favorite for students, planners, journal writers, and papercraft people! These sets are being offered for a limited time. Once the set is retired we will come out with an all-new series of stationery packs for you to enjoy. Buy them for yourself, or a friend, either way you will enjoy the stationery and even better fast USA shipping :)


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