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Great Holiday Gifts For Kimono Lovers

Shopping for the holidays does not need to be stressful if you have someone in your life who loves Japanese kimono! To help you find the perfect gift as the Christmas deadline approaches we have a few quick and easy suggestions that will make for delightful gifts to anyone who likes kimono. Don't forget to get your order in time for Christmas everything has to be placed by Dec 20th and shipped! #1 - Tabi Sock Grab Bag

Our tabi socks have sold to customers all over the world, and people love them for their whimsical designs and comfort. For only $30 you can get 5 sets of tabi socks in a wide variety of designs for adults. This is a great stocking stuffer and must-have for anyone who wears kimono, or likes to wear sandals all year long.

Michiyuki are coats worn atop of Japanese kimono but are also stylish additions to any wardrobe. These classic Japanese coats are designed to protect a kimono from dirt, and damage. You can get 2 of these coats for only $20 each in our michiyuki grab bag!

Got someone in your life who loves planners, and stationery? You can gift them a great selection of kawaii stationery while still saving! We have kawaii stationery grab bags that make for perfect stocking stuffers and gifts!

Happy holidays from all of us at Ohio Kimono <3 We look forward to the 2020 year and are working hard to restock the online store with more furisode, yukata, juban, men's kimono, and other in-demand authentic kimono goods from Japan!


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