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Live Virtual Koto Performance - July 31st, 2020

Grab your favorite kimono and join us for a live free virtual koto session with The Koto Columbus Ensemble! Only July 31th, 2020 there will be a virtual live stream from Boxland Media Studios! This is a FREE 2-hour performance featuring several ensemble pieces as well as some solo performances by our members! We'd love to have Q&A as part of the show, so please join us and send in your questions in the comments during the show! Facebook Event Page:

The Columbus Koto Ensemble: Date: July 31st, 2020 time: 7pm - 9pm EST

What is a koto? Glad you asked! A koto is a Japanese musical instrument that is roughly 6 feet long, and might be compared to a sort of grand lap harp, or more accurately called a zither. The koto was based on the Chinese zheng and se. This instrument is plucked by the musician and is renowned for the beauty of its sound.

Even though you are staying home for this performance, it is will a fun excuse to get dressed in your favorite kimono, or even just slip on an elegant haori of your choice. In this summer heat, we plan on watching this live virtual performance while wearing our favorite fashionable yukata. Though, if you are feeling extra fancy, while not use this as a chance to practice your furisode skills and attend the online event dressed in your best kimono.

The Columbus Koto Ensemble is composed of four musicians and is based in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years you might have been fortunate enough to see them live at various events such as Ohayocon, and cultural festivals in the area. They often are seen performing while wearing kimono tastefully paired with elegant hakama. Over the years they have mastered a variety of songs including traditional Japanese music, and even pop culture theme songs from popular anime series and movies.


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