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Thank you for a wonderful Ohayocon 2020!

Thank you, everyone, for such a wonderful Ohayocon! That was our single highest-selling show ever! The demand was pretty overwhelming, and we thank you all for your patience as we worked hard to answer questions, size shoppers properly, and make certain that all of our customers understood their new kimono purchase. It was a delightful weekend, one in which we are sad to report we did not get as many customer photos as we like during. All the same, we have a few delightful photos of customers wearing our kimono, furisode, obi, and even a celebrity in an antique Taisho era haori! In the photos you may notice the face of a delightful voice actor, Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn. She was kind enough to stop by our booth to shop, but also to give a shout out to one of our very ill friends. She was the lucky person to find the antique Taisho era haori and claim it as her own.

We are finishing up unpacking from the show, and will soon be sending out online orders and restocking our online kimono store with fresh haori, kimono, and even a selection of yukata in time for the festival season!


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