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Yukata Style Of Traeonna

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

We wanted to show you all the delightful style of one of our long time customers. Meet Traeonna, who in this photo is wearing a vintage yukata and newer hanhaba obi which were both purchased by us. Traeonna purchased her first kimono from us, and from there dove deeply into learning about how Japanese kimono are worn. Summer is yukata season, so now is a great time to wear one of your own if you have one, and go visit a garden or other open-air venue. The yukata she is wearing in the photo is a classic style and features butterflies, while the hanhaba obi is more of an abstract style that somewhat resembles dragonflies, or even leaves on a branch.

We love her choice to wear a more victorian style boot with lace accents instead of geta with the yukata. Because yukata are so informal, there is more creative freedom for accessories and styles. The appropriate type of obi worn with a yukata is a hanhaba obi.

If you have photos of yourself wearing a yukata purchase from our kimono store, or even more formal kimono such as a furisode feel free to send it to us! We love showing off our customers!


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