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This black vintage kyobukuro obi has a white and pink floral design. This kind of obi  requires a variety of additional accessories such as a makura to be worn with kimono.  When worn with a kimono, obi do not hold the kimono on a person's body, himo do. When purchasing a kimono and obi, it is important to remember the other accessories required to wear a kimono.


  • Obi Condition: B+, gently used vintage stock without major flaws. This obi would benefit from careful ironing.
  • Obi Accessories Required: Makura, Obiage, Obijime, Obi-Ita
  • Obi Length:  140 in - 355.6 cm
  • Obi Width:  12 in - 30.48 cm
  • Obi Material Estimate: Synthetic and Organic


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Black & Pink Kyobukuro Obi

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