This fun black and white women's yukata features a Temari ball design. Yukata are considered informal attire and are most typically worn with a hanhaba obi atop it. Due to how casual these kinds of Japanese kimono are they require fewer accessories making them a favorite starting point for beginners.This kind of women's traditional kimono is informal and is most commonly worn with a juban under it, and an obi atop.


  • Kimono Condition: B+, this kimono may have a few minor faint flaws that have no serious impact on wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49 in - 124.46 cm
  • Back Width: 23 in - 58.42 cm
  • Total Length: 57 in - 144.78 cm
  • Liner: None
  • Collar: Half

A Temari ball is a form of folk art that was introduced around the 7th century A.D. and historically were made from old kimono remnants; presently they are typically made from yarn or floss.  They are used to play games like handball. When a hand strap and tassel are added, it could be used as a small kimono accessory. 


Please look at our kimono shop for further kimono accessories to help complete your kitsuke - such as obi, han eri, and haori. 

Black& White Yukata