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This beautiful vintage obijime has a center braid in a nice clean white, and the outside of that braid has a metallic golden colored braid that frames it running along the length of the obijime. Obijime are a decorative cord worn atop of women's Japanese kimono, specifically atop the obi. Koshihimo and obijime are two different things. Obijime are not the cords that tie a kimono on, koshihimo tie a kimono on.


The gold color of this obijime does not appear to be produced with a low-quality plastic, but rather might be a thread foiled with a material that is gold colored.


  • Obijime Condition:  B+ gently used, in nice condition ready to wear. 
  • Obijime Total Length (including tassels): 59 in 
  • Obijime Width: .75 in


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Gold & White Obijime

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