This  pale brown and dark blue onsen kimono is ready to wear and has a sort of chain link style pattern. Onsen are a very informal kind of kimono typically worn only in the privacy of ones home, or at a bath house. This kind of kimono is not normally worn in public, and is a perfect house robe for lounging and bathing. This type of kimono is unisex.


  • Onsen Condition: B, gently used onsen kimono is in good ready-to-wear condition and is made from a soft cotton. There is some overall color fade, but no serious flaws or staining.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49 in - 124.46 cm
  • Back Width: 24 in - 60.96 cm
  • Kimono Length: 46 in - 116.84 cm
  • Material Estimate: Cotton


Please look at our kimono shop for further kimono accessories to help complete your kitsuke - such as obi, han eri, koshihimo, and haori. Yukata do not require many accessories to be worn but do require a koshihimo, which we sell. Hanhaba obi are normally worn with yukata.

Pale Brown & Dark Blue Onsen Kimono

  • Kimono require a variety of additional parts to wear in a traditional manner that observes Japanese customs. This list is a minimum baseline for what accessories we recommend you own for wearing your yukata. Without critical accessories such as koshihimo a kimono will not have a flattering or graceful look when worn. Because yukata are informal attire for when the weather is hot, they do not require as many parts to wear.

    • Recommended additional parts: 2 Koshihimo, 1 obi-ita, 1 hanhaba obi