This delightful vintage women's yukata is pale grey and black striped with pale dusty blue bamboo leaves and flowers.  What color of hanhaba obi you pair with this kimono is a personal choice, however, the Japanese style embraces contrasting complimenting colors. Yukata are normally only worn during the months of warmer weather and are not winter attire typically. 


Himo are used to tie a kimono onto a person's body, not obi. If you're buying a kimono for the first time, be certain to purchase himo, which we sell in our accessory selection.


  • Yukata Condition: B, gently used with some minor flaws, there is a faint discoloration on a sleeve. Other minor flaws possible but do not have a serious impact on wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 52.5 in - 133.35 cm
  • Back Width: 25 in - 63.5 cm
  • Kimono Length: 63 in - 160.02 cm
  • Material Estimate: Cotton


Please look at our kimono shop for further kimono accessories to help complete your kitsuke - such as obi, han eri, koshihimo, and haori. Yukata do not require many accessories to be worn but do require a himo, which we sell. Hanhaba obi are normally worn with yukata.

Pale Grey & Dusty Blue Yukata

  • Kimono require a variety of additional parts to wear in a traditional manner that observes Japanese customs.