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These shoes are called zori, and are intended to be more formal footwear. Zori are worn with more formal kimono such as furisode, tomesode, and more. Zori intentionally run a little small, so that the heel and some toes hang over the edge in a traditional style.

Need tabi socks ? We have lots in stock!


  • Shoe Length: 9 inches
  • Width: 2 3/4 inches
  • Condition: New


Did you know that traditional Japanese kimono require a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style? Other traditional Japanese kimono accessories include haori, tabi socks, and more. To learn about how kimono are worn visit our kimono dressing page with videos demonstrating how authentic Japanese kimono are worn.

Plum Zori

  • All orders ship from NW Ohio with a tracking number and $50 insurance via USPS. Customers will be sent an email when their order is shipped, which includes their tracking number.

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