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Kimono, Haori, Obi, and Kitsuke Items Sold Out

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This is a collection of Japanese kimono and obi we have sold over the years. We are proud to only sell authentic Japanese kimono, and are known for the authenticity of our collection. All online kimono orders ship out of NW Ohio, and reach most of our customers in only a few days time. The rest of our online kimono store is full of great kimono, obi, haori, and more for sale! The kimono and kitsuke items we have for sale in our online kimono store range from brand new to antiques.

 Want to see even more kimono and obi for sale?!

Not only do we sell kimono online, but we also have a travelling pop-up kimono boutique that travels all over the USA throughout the year. You can shop in person, or shop online!

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