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Authentic Japanese Kimono Since 2009

Office Hours: Tues - Thursday 10am to 7pm EST

Travel Hours: All Day Friday - All Day Monday

We have two businesses: Ohio Kimono, and Kawaii-est Little Stationery Store.


Since 2009 Ohio Kimono, LLC has been dedicated to educating the curious public about the history and uses of kimono, as well as selling authentic Japanese kimono. Over the years, the owner of the company has been afforded the extreme honor of offering kimono classes at a variety of prestigious locations such as the Toledo Museum of Art, Cincinnati Art Museum,  and even a variety of colleges and private galleries such as the Schedel Japanese Gardens and the Toledo School for the Arts. Teaching about the intricacies of traditional kimono and how they are worn is one of our passions, and we have taught at conventions such as Youmacon, Ohayocon, Ramencon, Matsuricon, Animarathon, Kumoricon, ZipCon, and more!


Originally we use to partner exclusively with a family business in Kyoto, Japan to source most of our kimono from.  Today we source our kimono from various sources including brand new kitsuke dressing tools direct from manufacturers, and even additional second-hand vintage kimono stores in cities such as Nagoya.  From time to time we also buy entire private collections of kimono to resell. We have also begun branching out to have other items made exclusively for us such as tabi, and hakama. Some of our items are sourced from outside of Japan, simply because there are no factories in Japan that can offer an affordable solution for our needs. When possible we make Japanese and American businesses our primary source of products.


At our booth, we offer knowledgeable and professional service with a keen eye for traditional detail. Our face-to-face sales not only include kimono, but an extensive range of kimono related accessories such as brand new koshihimo, koribelts, datejime,  haori, tabi, eri shin, and more.  We offer our customers a full traditional dressing with purchase, this dressing includes a lesson on how to wear kimono in a traditional manner. Not only does Ohio Kimono help educate about and supply these unique items of clothing, but we also work with artists to provide Japanese-inspired art pieces. These pieces can help provide a new perspective on the classic themes, complement your style and preferences, and support the upcoming artists.

As of 2017 you can buy kimono from our online Japanese kimono store.


Ohio Kimono, LLC has been a long-standing LGBTQ+ ally. We welcome any gender at our booth and are happy to address the dressing needs of any person. We are a safe space and respect the privacy needs of our customers’ lifestyles. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and experience authentic Japanese kimono with us.

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