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Men's  Obi

Traditional Obi For Men's Kimono

Men's obi for Japanese kimono are considered much simpler to wear than women's obi. There are a handful of men's obi types, and a few simple universally accepted knots for the obi that can be worn for all occasions. Ohio Kimono offers a full range of men's informal and formal kimono for sale online. In addition to kimono for sale there is a whole selection of haori, obi, and juban for sale as well.  Japanese kimono requires a few accessories to be worn in a traditional style, don't forget to buy an obi, koshihimo, and more with your kimono if you need them. Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store are gently used, unless stated as being brand new.

Types Of Men's Obi

There are a few well-known styles of men's obi that most people will encounter: tanzen, heko, and kaku are the 3 most common kinds of men's obi. Tanzen are extremely informal and are most commonly used as a datejime. When a tanzen is worn with a kimono it is with the likes of an onsen kimono and is not suitable for public use. Heko obi are the next step up of informal obi for men, and are most typically worn with yukata. Kaku obi are for semi-formal to formal men's kimono.

Japanese Kimono, Haori, and Obi direct from Japan!

We source our kimono, haori, and obi directly from our suppliers in Japan. The selection in our online kimono store is ever evolving and changing. To be among the first to know about sales, get coupons, and know about new stock join our 'Kimono Insider' email list.

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