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 Japanese Kimono For Children

The kimono in this selection is for smaller individuals, preteen to baby sizes. We offer a selection of children's Japanese kimono and Japanese attire, much of which comes to us used. The materials of the children's kimono will widely range as will the motifs. Children's kimono are popular as wall hangings due to their traditional themes and also smaller size. Typically when selecting a kimono for a child, the parent selects one that is larger than the child and hems it down. As the child grows the kimono is let out, growing with the.m. Yukata are typically worn with a heko obi and are popular for wearing to festivals such as a Cherry Blossom Festival. Most of our kimono listed are gently used unless stated as being brand new. Due to popular demand, we also have some modern onesie outfits that are inspired by Japanese kimono, but are however easy to care for attire for toddlers to babies made of cotton, and feature easy on and off snaps to help with diaper changing.


  • Themes commonly on Boy's attire: falcons, treasure ships, water waves, pine trees, arrows, dragons, bamboo, and hero's from Japanese history and folklore. There are many other aspects of Japanese culture featured on these kimono, most of which represent desirable personality traits to aspire to such as strength, courage, and wisdom.

  • Themes commonly on Girl's attire: cherry blossoms, koi, butterflies, temari balls, fans, and plum blossoms. There are many more design elements used, overall the motif of the kimono is to inspire and represent various desirable personality traits.

Among the children's kimono for sale are also a limited selection of fine formal attire typically worn on Children's Day in Japan. Children's Day is a part of Golden Week, during which koi nobori are most often seen throughout Japan as they are flown on display. In Japanese folklore the koi is am auspicious symbol because legend tells of carp swimming to heaven to become dragons. Originally there are separate holidays for children of either gender and most recently the holidays were merged and now celebrated today.


Please be aware that the colors on individual monitors vary, and we can not 100% guarantee the color of the item on our site versus once it arrives.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Our selection of real kimono is always changing!

Each week we add new stock to our online Japanese kimono store, all of which is imported directly from Japan. The selection varies each week as we react to the requests made by our customers to expand certain selections. One week we might list 20 vintage haori, another week we might list 30 brand new hanhaba obi for wearing with yukata. Be certain to visit our site at least once a month to check out all the new stock!

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