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 Tea Ceremony Bowls & More For Sale

Our selection of gently used antique and vintage tea bowls come directly from Kyoto, Japan. Each of these bowls was previously loved, and gently used before making their way to the USA to find their new homes. We offer a wide variety of bowls, suitable for various schools of Chanoyu.  Each of the bowls and related items we offer are unique, and once sold are gone forever.

 Want to see even more yukata and kimono for sale?!

Our online kimono store is full of pages of kimono for sale! Visit the rest of our online kimono store to buy various kinds of kimono, obi, haori, and kitsuke accessories! We even have a custom range of exclusive tabi socks, lanyards, and more! You can also visit our kimono store at a varity of Japanese Festivals and Anime Conventions where our kimono stock is different from the online store!

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