Men's Juban

Underwear For Men's Kimono

Juban are a type of under kimono, which are worn under your Japanese kimono. They may be made from a wide variety of types of fabric but are most commonly made from a cotton print or a silk. Unlike men's kimono which are typically a solid color, men's juban are decorative and colorful with a wide variety of traditional Japanese designs featured on them: from mythological creatures such as phoenixes and dragons, to even more classic natural elements such as water waves and pine trees. When a juban is worn under a Japanese kimono the collar is seen, as well as a hint of the sleeves. Optionally a haneri may be sewn onto the collar of the juban, which adds a decorative pop of design while also protecting the juban collar from natural body oils that would otherwise stain the fabric. Juban are also popular as loungewear for in the home.


  Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store were imported from Japan, and are gently used attire unless otherwise stated as being brand new.

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Every week we had 20+ new listings of authentic Japanese kimono, haori, obi, and other dressing accessories to our online store. We make an effort to keep our online stock separate from the kimono that goes to Anime Conventions and Japanese festivals to offer our customers a great selection of authentic kimono.

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Since 2009 we have been dedicated to sharing with others our passion for traditional kimono , haori , and kimono culture. Our main warehouse is located in Ohio, which means USA orders ship quickly and arrive in only a few business days. Many of our authentic kimono comes from Kyoto, and Nagoya Japan. You can also visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique in person.

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