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Men's Kimono Accessories:

Men's Kimono

Formal & Informal Japanese Kimono

1 jujban, 1 datejime, 1 koshihimo, 1 obi

Did you know that while both men and women wear Japanese kimono, they wear them differently? Traditional men's kimono from Japan are known for being rather simple in design, while the juban is decorative and features rich designs.  Before purchasing a men's kimono or juban please double check the kimono measurements before purchase. Authentic Japanese kimono require a few accessories to be worn in a traditional style, don't forget to buy an obi, koshihimo, and more with your kimono if needed.  Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store were imported from Japan, and are gently used attire unless otherwise stated as being brand new.

Men's Kimono Formalities

When men's kimono are compared to women's kimono the most obvious observation is that men's Japanese kimono are much simpler in design. Traditionally men's kimono come in a limited range of colors mostly in various shades of blue, and black. In modern types the traditional color pallet is less common and modern kimono designers are increasingly exploring bold designs and colors such as greens, purples, and browns. Yukata are an informal type of kimono, which can be worn with a heko or kaku obi. Typically a juban is worn under men's kimono, the exception being yukata do not have juban worn under them. Men wear their traditional kimono differently than women do; the obi is worn at the hip, and the kimono needs to fit from shoulder to ankles only.

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Every week we had 20+ new listings of authentic Japanese kimono, haori, obi, and other dressing accessories to our online store. We make an effort to keep our online stock separate from the kimono that goes to Anime Conventions and Japanese festivals to offer our customers a great selection of traditional kimono.

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