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Friends & Affiliates Of Ohio Kimono

Over the years we have met many amazing people and had the privilege of working with some great Japanese kimono club, news outlets, and of course other kimono dealers! Please take the time to check out these quality links! If you have a great website or blog about kimono, or Japanese culture please feel free to contact us and ask about your own link trade with our kimono store.


Authentic Japanese Kimono Dealers

Yoko Dana - Bulk Kimono Sales

Yoko Dana has been a long-standing stable presence in the online Japanese kimono community. Many years ago, Ohio Kimono was even a customer of hers. Yoko Dana is known for great bulk kimono prices that are ideal for crafts and sewing projects. She sells large bulk orders and ships from within the USA.


Wafuku Vintage Kimono Sales UK

Live in the UK and need a quality authentic kimono? Check out this dealer. They are long established and known as a trustworthy brand. This website has also a lot of useful information about authentic Japanese kimono.


Uber Dandy Kimono - Eurozone Kimono Sales & Styles

Uber Dandy Kimono is one of our favorite kimono stylists in the world. They have a bold and funky style that has appeared in many magazines. They also do kimono sales at a variety of markets in Europe.


Shimazakura Kimono Store

Shimazakura offers traditional kimonos for men, women, boys, and girls. Ships from USA.


Kaede NYC, LLC - Kimono Dressing & Sales

Kaede serves the New York City area with kimono dressing services and sales. The company was established in 2012 and has become a cornerstone of the Japanese kimono community in New York.


Japanese Art Galleries & Antiques

Globus Washitsu

The Globus studio is leading the way in bringing traditional Japanese art and entertainment to America. We first became away of this prestigious studio when they flew a Geisha from Japan to perform at the studio. Located in New York this studio features changing exhibits and is worth visiting if you are able to.


Markus Sesko
Markus Sesko is one of the worlds leading experts on the topic of Japanese antique blades. His work includes translating Japanese resources into English. This website and blog is packed full of very insightful information, ideal reading for people passionate about Japanese blades.



Japanese Kimono Clubs

Kimono De Jack - Ohio

This active kimono club spans the entire state has been involved in educating American's about kimono for many years. They host panels about kimono at Ohayocon, Matsuri Con, Glass City Con and more.


Kimono De Jack - Grand Rapids, Michigan

This active Kimono De Jack club is growing and happy to welcome new members. You don't have to live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area to enjoy wearing kimono with them. The club occasionally arranged kimono outings as well.

Kimono De Jack - Massachusetts

I mostly have dealt with the Boston chapter and have the privilege of hosting their annual Kimono meetup at Japan Festival Boston. The group is friendly, social, and have been welcoming to newcomers.


Kimono Blogs & Information

Asagiri Kimono

This website is yet another great English resource for kimono and is frequent updates with detailed photos of kimono. There are a variety of kimono cordinations featured sometimes even include elements that she makes herself such as obi.


Doki Doki Kimono

This wonderful website kimono blog is full of high-quality color photos of a cheerful spirit who loves to share her passion for kimono. She has a keen eye for detail and attends a nice selection of cultural events.



Kimono Seiktsu

Follow the adventures of Kimono Seiktsu as she lives abroad in Japan. She has a great passion for traditional Japanese kimono and traditional culture in Japan. They are a part of the Kimono De Jack Boston group.


Kimono Tsuki

Looking for a frequently updated English blog dedicated to kimono? Check out Kimono Tsuki, the author has been involved in the kimono community for many years and has created a variety of great geeky coordination.


Miss Myloko

This tumblr is rich in content and is a great resource for asking kimono and geisha related questions. Occasionally we engage with this site and gleam great information and resources as well.


Convention News & More

Dashing Nerds is a collaborative nerd news and video game review website. Their focus is to bring quality content (and bowties) to the online nerd community through written articles, videos, podcasts, and more! Based out of the Metro Detroit area, Dashing Nerds travel to local comic events and anime conventions throughout the Midwest.


Other Vendor Friends

Teaologie LLC

Since 2010 Teaologie has been serving up some of the best loose leaf tea in the anime convention scene. Speaking from experience we can say that they have very tasty tea and a great knowledge of tea and tea culture.


Little Star Enterprises / Iron Mountain Armory

Our friends over at Little Star are renown world over for crafting high-quality replica Japanese samurai armor. The gold suit of armor seen at our booth and online is from this studio. If you need a high-quality set of armor check them out!


Hard Decora

We have followed the brand Hard Decora for years, and own a few of their shirts. They offer a great selection of goods I think of as a blend of pastel goth meets harajuku.


Modern Sakura

Modern Sakura is a great hub for anyone on the hunt for a wide selection of kanzashi, and Japanese kimono inspired accessories such as hair scrunchies and hair sticks. They ship out of the USA.



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