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Obijime are decorative braided ropes made from a wide variety of materials, and are considered an accessory for wearing atop of an obi. Obijime come in a wide variety of styles and colors and have their own formalities.  Most commonly obijime come in two forms; a flat braid, and round braid. How obijime are tied and displayed when worn with Japanese kimono varies widely, and there are countless guides online that show different ways in which they can be tied. Obidome are an optional accessory that can be worn with an obijime. Typically nagoya, fukuo, and maru obi require the presence of an obijime for a traditional look. The obijime in our stock range from antique silk hand braided ropes, to brand new synthetic ropes produced by machine. our store offers FAST USA shipping times. 

Please give our large online store time to load.

 Need an obiage to go with your obijime and obi?

We offer a wide variety of kimono accessories in our store.  We have sections in our store dedicated to these products, and are happy to answer any questions you have. Keep in mind kimono, obi, haori, and all aspects of kimono have their own formalities which should be observed when creating outfits.

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