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Fukuro & Maru Obi 

Formal Women's Obi

Fukuro and Maru obi are considered formal women's attire. These kinds of obi are most commonly paired with the likes of formal Japanese kimono such as kurotomesode and furisode. Various different obi types all have their own formalities. Fukuro and maru obi are typically made of a sumptuous and luxurious brocade. The presence of gold and silver in the obi designs further raise the formality. Most bridal obi are fukuro or maru obi. 

Fukuro & Maru Accessories:

1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 obi-ita, 1 obidome

 Quick Guide To Women's Obi Formality

  • Hanhaba Obi = Informal

  • Tsuke obi = Informal / Casual

  • ​Nagoya Obi = Informal / Casual to Semi Formal / Formal

  • Fukuro Obi = Formal Obi

  • Maru Obi = Super formal Obi

Coordinating Japanese Kimono & Obi

There are many different kinds of Japanese kimono and obi. The various types can be grouped on design, and also the formality. When coordinating an outfit it is expected that the formality of the obi and kimono compliment one another. Additionally, the traditional symbolism of the kimono and obi should pair well for a sort of storytelling. Traditional symbolism in the motif of the obi and kimono is important, and will also influence the time of the year and season in which the attire may be worn. Married women and unmarried women wear different obi knots.

Common Fukuro & Maru Obi Ties

Fukuro and Maru obi have a few styles of knots that they are tied in. The style in which they are tied is influenced by not only the kind of the kimono it is being paired with and the occasion but also the skill of the dresser. There are many beginner-friendly obi knot styles,  and far more complex designs that require practice to master. Furisode commonly are paired with Tateya musubi 立て矢, which is the bow style of obi. Another popular style of obi tie for fukuro and maru obi when paired with a furisode is the Fukura-suzume musubi ふくら雀, which roughly translated to the plump or puffed sparrow. There are many online video guides and books that demonstrate how to create various looks using your obi.

Obi For Interior Design

Fukuro and Maru obi are by far the most popular obi for use in interior design and crafting. Over the years we have sold many of these obi which have been used to make table runners, hung with curtains, and even fireplace place mantle drapes.

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