Women's Long Sleeve Kimono

Furisode Kitsuke Accessories:

3 himo, 1 furisode juban with haneri, 1 fukuro obi, 1 obi-ita, 1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 erishin

The term ‘Furisode’ meaning ‘swinging sleeves’ which refers to the unique extra long style of sleeves found only on this kind of ceremonial kimono. The graceful elongated swinging sleeves give it a unique fashion for a formal style for Japanese young women. In the design, the inner liner may show on one or both open sides of the edges, and the sleeves can be drawn all the way to the ground. The Furisode Kimono is also well-known for its brightly colored silk or crepe material. There are two common variants of the Furisode Kimono; the O-furisode and the Chu-furisode. The former has a large size with hanging sleeves while the latter has a bit shorter sleeve. Other variants also include the Ko-furisode and the Ko-furisode Kimono that usually have shorter hanging sleeves and are commonly worn with a hakama atop. There is also a superstition that the long sleeves of a Furisode Kimono help to chase off evil from the one putting it on. Another belief is that the style brings good fortune and healthy long-term relationships.

Furisode Are Formal Kimono

Furisode are most commonly worn to more formal events. The most common holiday in Japan for wearing the Furisode by unmarried Japanese women is the Coming of the Age Day which is when young ladies and men celebrate turning 20 years old. Usually, the mother buys the Kimono, and the daughter wears it to signify her status as an adult. Historically speaking, furisode were generally reserved for younger unmarried women. As with all fashion, the rules change and increasingly Furisode are even being worn by a married woman. There are even popular trends in Japanese bridal fashion where the furisode is repurposed into the wedding dress.

Putting On Furisode

With practice and the right accessories, anyone can put on a furisode. Though putting on a furisode is more complex than dressing in a yukata, even so, many people purchase furisode as their first-ever kimono. The skills learned to wear this type of formal kimono easily translate into other styles and more casual kimono. Keep in mind, as with all kimono, there is a wide variety of coordinating accessories used to pair with this kind of kimono to give it a traditional look. Most commonly a juban with longer furisode style sleeves and fukuro obi are worn with this kind of kimono. 

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