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Learning how to put on an obi is not difficult, all the same many people like pre-tied obi because they are fast and easy. Tsuke obi are more commonly known as pre-tied obi. They are fairly easy to put on, and do not require much skill or knowledge beyond how to tie your shoes. These kinds of obi are generally regarded as informal. When wearing them you still should consider the presence of wearing an obijime, obi-ita and obiage. Tsuke obi are commonly worn with informal kinds of traditional Japanese kimono such as yukata, and casual kimono such as edo komon. Refer to the style in which the obi is tied to figure out if it so yukata or for other kinds of casual kimono from Japan.

When gifting an authentic kimono to someone new to wearing them, we highly recommend purchasing and gifting this type of obi.


There are color variations with every monitor and the colors on your screen may not reflect the color of the product. Please give our online kimono store time to load, there is a lot to load. Most goods in our online store are gently used, unless stated as being brand new.

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You can buy kimono at anime conventions and Japanese festivals by stopping by our kimono store booth! Check out our yearly schedule to discover where we will be selling in person next. Watch our online kimono store for weekly updates and new kimono and obi for sale.

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