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Kyobukuro Obi

These kinds of obi are most often paired with Komon, Ttukesage, Iromuji, Tsumugi Kimono. They can range in formality based on the design, colors and materials used. These obi are similar to fukuro obi, but their layout and design resemble a nagoya obi. These obi require additional accessories such as a makura, obiage, and obijime for wearing traditionally. When worn with kimono obi do not hold a kimono on a person's body.

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 Quick Guide To Women's Obi Formality

  • Hanhaba Obi = Informal

  • Tsuke obi = Informal / Casual

  • ​Nagoya Obi = Informal / Casual to Semi Formal / Formal

  • Fukuro Obi = Formal Obi

  • Maru Obi = Super formal Obi

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