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Accessory For Obi

Obiage are typically worn with women's kimono obi, and have their own formality and language. There are many styles of knots and ways to tie an obijime. Obiage typically wrap around a makura and are visible when worn with your kimono and obi. Alternatively, obiage make for stylish scarves. There are specific kinds of obi that use makura which require an obiage; nagoya obi, fukuro obi, and maru obi. Hanhaba obi for yukata do not require a makura or obiage. Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products.  Most goods in our online store are gently used, unless stated as being brand new. Please give our large online kimono store time to load.

 Want to see even more Japanese kimono and yukata for sale?!

For the largest selection of obi, kimono, haori, tabi, and more direct from Japan please visit us in person at the many events we attend every year! To visit us in person please check out our schedule

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