Brooches For Obijime

Obidome are an often overlooked and yet treated aspect of wearing kimono. Though many people would think that the Japanese kimono s the most expensive part of a coordination, many obidome are far more valuable. The obidome worn by Maiko and Geisha can exceed $100,000 in value and are made with real gold, and precious gemstones. When selecting an obidome the most important thing to consider is personal taste and self expression. Obidome can be a playful to formal accent for any kimono.

How To Wear Obidome

Aside from an obijime obidome themselves do not typically require additional accessories to be worn. Obidome are simply slid into place, with the obijime running through it's back. Different obidome have different backs, which is important to consider. Some obidome backs work well with round braids, while others work best with flat braid obijime. Sometimes slipping the obidome onto the obijime is a little tricky, in such a case many people will use painters tape to better flatted the tassel ends, and then slip the obidome into place. If you tape your obijime is, be certain to use a very low stick tape like painters tape as to avoid damaging your obijime.

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