Geta & Zori

Traditional Shoes For Kimono

What is a stylish traditional kimono without a set of wonderful zori or geta with tabi? In Japan, tabi are the default go-to socks to be worn with most open toe shoes: geta, zori, and more. Our tabi are all brand new and are made from a cotton poly blend. Our stock of these designs is very limited, and once a design sells out we will no longer offer that style. Watch this page for an ever-changing selection of tabi. Tabi are ideal for wearing with Japanese kimono, or even with western clothing! Geta are commonly made from wood and are considered more informal footwear. Zori are considered informal to formal footwear and are always worn with tabi socks. Okobo are formal lacquered wood shoes most commonly worn by brides, and Maiko.