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Bulk & Wholesale Japanese Kimono

Discount Savings For Large Kimono Orders

Kimono Kitsuke Accessories:

3 koshihimo, 1 juban with haneri, 1 nagoya obi, 1 obi-ita, 1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 erishin

Need a lot of Japanese kimono fast? How about tons of obi? We are happy to offer a bulk savings discount for large volume orders of Japanese kimono and obi from us. Most of the kimono and obi in these orders will be eco-friendly second-hand vintage and come in a wide variety of designs, colors, materials, and styles. We have many repeat customers who resell these bulk orders in their vintage clothing boutique, and in the likes of boho fashion stores. A number of people also buy these bulk purchases for use of the fabric. We sell bulk lots of authentic kimono to many businesses around the USA: vintage clothing stores, artists who repurpose kimono into new fashion and interior design, and much more. The great thing about purchasing a bulk order from us, is that we ship from our location in the USA, which means the orders will quickly arrive at a fraction of the cost of international shipping.

The majority of these bulk lots feature vintage, gently used goods directly imported from Japan: kimono such as yukata, haori, michiyuki, nagoya obi, and more are all ready to ship. Although vintage and gently used most of our Japanese goods are in ready to wear or use condition, and feature only minor flaws. For tax-free wholesale rates, we will need your retailers certification for your state that is current.

You will be invoiced for the shipping once the order is placed. These orders do not qualify for free shipping.

Coupon codes and sales do not qualify on these already deeply discounted items.

**Please give our extensive kimono store time to load.

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