Want to order lots of kimono and enjoy a discount for the bulk purchase? We offer bulk kimono purchases for that very purpose. The Japanese kimono selected will be random. We also offer larger bulk purchases that offer even further savings! Buy more, save more!


  • Kimono Materials Possible: Silk, Cotton, Rayon, wool, and more.
  • Kimono Condition: Mostly A and B quality, with minor flaws but still can be worn. These kimono will be vintage second hand which means that there will be some minor flaws.
  • Kimono Types: Typically these will be more casual styles of kimono and will NOT include kimono such as furisode. Potential kimono types include iromuji, edo komon, onsen, and more.
  • Kimono Colors & Designs: Random 
  • Refunds: We do not accept partial returns on these orders. Please communicate with us in advance any concerns or needs you have.
  • The photo of the kimono with this listing is only an example of the kimono types offered. The kimono in the photo are not the stock that will be sent.
  • Bulk kimono do not count for free shipping because they are already discounted. Once the shipping is figured for the bulk order you will get a shipping invoice.


Our warehouse is located in Ohio, which means items shipped to locations in the USA usually arrive within a few business days. Need it even faster? We have rush options.

5 Japanese Kimono

  • Our selection of authentic kimono are directly imported from Japan. Many of the kimono and their designs offered are unique, and one of a kind. The majority of kimono we offer are vintage and gently used, however, we also import a divine selection of real new kimono as well. Regardless of what you purchase from us, do so with the confidence that we offer only the finest of traditional Japanese kimono at affordable prices.