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Japanese Kimonos, Crafts, & Traditional Culture

We have an extensive private book collection dedicated to advancing our understanding of Japanese kimono, culture, and history. Sometimes we end up with duplicate books or content that is already found elsewhere in our book collection. None the less we are excited to offer a very limited selection of books for sale dedicated to kimono, culture, history, and arts in Japan. Many of these books are directly imported from Japan and would not be otherwise found in the USA. Most of the books are older publications and are no longer in print. Be certain to check back here often, as many books are 1 of a kind, and will never be in stock again once they sell. Books also make wonderful gifts.


Traditional Japanese Craft Books

On occasion, we acquire books dedicated to traditional Japanese craft and arts. Though we are not a Japanese craft or art store, we are happy to offer these books. The selection is very random, and interesting all the same. Around the world, there are many instructors who offer classes on Japanese arts and crafts such as sumi-e, calligraphy, and even hobbies like cultivating bonsai or engaging in ikebana.


Japanese Culture & History Books

Amongour more popular books are ones related to Japanese culture and history. Among the topics the most popular are Geisha and even Samurai. 

How To Wear Japanese Kimono Books 

Among the selection of books imported from Japan are a wide variety of publications dedicated to the art of wearing and dressing in a traditional Japanese kimono. In Japan, there are many books published on the topic of kimono dressing each year. Each book has a variety of methods demonstrated. These books are especially popular for people who want to explore more advanced kitsuke without an instructor to assist them.

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