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Top 5 Places in the USA to Wear a Japanese Kimono To

  Have you been looking for new opportunities and destinations to wear your elegant Japanese kimono? A well cordinated kimono outfit can offer a really make a tasteful statement, but it’s important to remember that there are numerous amazing locations to wear a kimono outfit. With this thought in mind, today, we’ve outlined some of the ideal places to wear a kimono at, including summer yukata outfits, coordinated haori with western attire, and more. After all, a traditional kimono dress can seem a little hard to pair with many modern styles and outfits, but it really shouldn’t have to be this way – and there are plenty of places in the USA where you can wear a gorgeous Kimono outfit to show off your love for Japanese culture. So take a moment to dress in a culturally respectful manner in your favorite kimono coordination and head out in the world!

Top 5 Places to visit while wearing Japanese Kimono or Haori

  If you’ve been looking to learn how to wear a Japanese Kimono in the USA, you could consider numerous potentially excellent options. Indeed, Japanese kimono and stunning summer yukata are both gorgeous designs that are surprisingly easy to wear in modern society thanks to their lightweight nature. This makes them especially good during the hot American summers, offering plenty of ways for you to embrace your Japanese culture, love, or even heritage.

#1 Visit Japanese Botanical Gardens 

  Did you know that hundreds of amazing Japanese-inspired gardens are located all across the USA? Japanese gardens are incredibly diverse, covering an immense range of themes, styles, and designs, but one point remains true for each and everyone: they feel like something directly out of a Japanese tourist and travel guide! These gardens are also the perfect backdrop for taking amazing photos of yourself while dressed in kimono. Even better, many of these gardens offer cultural events throughout the year. One of our favorite gardens is the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois as well as the Japanese Botanical Gardens in Portland, Oregon.

Japanese gardens are truly some of the most stunning gardens in the United States, but don’t worry – their visitor-friendly design and layout means you won’t need to worry about getting “down and dirty” while paying a visit to the gardens. If you do plan on getting your hands a bit dirty in the garden, you may consider wearing a haori with a pair of pants and a nice shirt.

Instead, you can enjoy a truly amazing, authentic Japanese experience – and adding your beautiful Japanese kimono to the mix is a perfect way to “seal the deal” as it were. You might just find that your stunning Japanese kimono makes you feel like you’re in the heart of Japan’s serene and tranquil regions, making it hard not to relax while visiting these stunning gardens.

Japanese rock gardens are definitely among the most unique of all the Japanese-inspired sights in the USA. So, if you’re looking for something traditionally Japanese but don’t feel like spending too long looking at flowers, try something different by visiting an inspired and unique Japanese rock garden instead.

#2 Try a Japanese Tea Room or Tea Ceremony Event

  There’s no doubt that the Japanese are masters of their craft when it comes to the art of preparing and presenting tea – and what better place to experience this than by visiting an authentic Japanese tea room or a Chanoyu event? And, of course, be sure to seal the experience away as a memory to last a lifetime by turning up in a kimono outfit, too – the stunning ambiance and serenity of these tea rooms are sure to whisk you away into an immersive cultural experience in moments.

While visiting Japanese tea rooms, be prepared for a very different experience from European or American-style tea rooms. Indeed, in Japanese culture, the tea room is a highly important location, and the process of making and enjoying green tea is often seen as ceremonial. So, you’ll most likely end up sitting on the floor while engaging in the ceremony – another area where a tastefully worn traditional Japanese kimono could lend itself ideally.

#3 Explore New Dining Experiences with a Japanese Restaurant

  How better to experience another culture than with food? After its love for green tea, perhaps one of the best-known cultural icons of Japan is its food: specifically sushi.  So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to wear your stunning, traditional Japanese kimono dress, visiting local sushi restaurants is definitely a good option. Local sushi restaurants will often be able to provide an amazing experience for diners, and arriving in authentic Japanese clothing will definitely make this a meal to remember. 

Importantly, we recommend taking great care to protect your kimono while eating. One of the leading sources of stains on kimono come from food sources, such as soy sauce. So while eating out, be certain to make generous use of napkins to protect your kimono, and watch your sleeves! If you want to dine out and take an additional measure to protect your kimono, a michiyuki worn atop your kimono is another great option.

#4 Visit Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles

  Have you ever thought about visiting Los Angeles? Or maybe you’re a local Los Angeles resident yourself but have been looking for new ways to show off your Japanese culture and love? Well, if this is the case, you should definitely consider visiting the iconic Little Tokyo, an amazing neighborhood located near the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles, just a stone’s throw from the well-known Bunker Hill. 

Little Tokyo is like a small slice of Japan, snugly nestled in the heart of one of America’s most bustling regions; as such, it’s the perfect place to step aside from the hectic nature of modern life and just enjoy a breather.

Alternatively, you could consider visiting Japantown in SF, which is also a popular destination for those who love Japanese culture – but Little Tokyo is (ironically) bigger with more to see and do accordingly. In Columbus Ohio, there is also a Little Japan district which is home to a world class Japanese market and gift store, as well as a renown Japanese bakery. There are many wonderful cultural hubs scattered throughout the nation, just waiting to be explored.

#5 Discover Local Japanese Shops

  Did you know that there is a surprising number of stunning Japanese retail shops in and around the USA, catering both to ethnically Japanese customers as well as to curious tourists and Americans wanting to learn more about life in Japan? Japanese-inspired shops and stores are the perfect places to simultaneously show off your love for Japanese culture and find the perfect ingredients and / or decorations for your home to embrace the country’s amazing traditional and modern culture. 

As a result, you’ll surely feel right at home in a traditional Japanese kimono or yukata while browsing the shelves, making this seemingly simple trip feel like something taken straight from another country.

Whether you’re simply heading to a Japanese supermarket or food stall, browsing a manga-focused bookstore, or if you go all out by visiting Japanese-inspired furniture and décor shops, there’s sure to be something that will match your needs. Plus, if you do manage to find some stunning Japanese-inspired decorations (e.g., Japanese lanterns or cherry blossom print designs), these could be the ideal way to add a little more Japanese culture and magic to your home’s aesthetic, too! Of course, Japanese kimono can also be displayed at home as a decoration as well.

Why Not Your Kimono and Haori Out and About? 

  At this point, we’ve outlined five Japanese-inspired locations in the USA you could wear your stunning Japanese kimono outfit. However, if you’re still feeling a little unsure about how to wear a kimono comfortably in USA culture, why not just embrace your love for Japanese culture and wear it around? Whether you’re just going to the shops or heading out for a meal with your loved ones, the style and beauty of a traditional Japanese kimono dress absolutely make it a beautiful garment. 

You’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons, so if you feel confident doing so, we recommend giving this a try. Plus, you might inspire other people to wear their own kimono outfits out and about, too, so this could be well worth considering to make the most of your outfit.

Why Not Your Kimono and Haori Out and About? 

  Undoubtedly, learning how to wear a kimono outfit in modern US culture can feel a little overwhelming since a vibrant and stunning kimono is often a little out of place in a world full of t-shirts. With that being said, if you want to make the most of your traditional Kimono, there are plenty of authentic Japanese-inspired destinations around the USA that can help you show off your love for these stunning garments and traditional culture.

So, why not give it a try – you might just find that a Japanese kimono or yukata becomes your new favorite piece of clothing to wear, be it for a special occasion or just to show off your passion for Japanese culture.

Places To Wear Your Japanese Kimono
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