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 Iromuji & Edo Komon

Semi Formal to Formal Women's Kimono

Kimono Kitsuke Accessories:

3 himo, 1 juban with haneri, 1 nagoya obi, 1 obi-ita, 1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 erishin

Iromuji and Edo Komon are among the most versatile type of kimono a woman can own and are suitable to wear in many semi-formal situations. Most commonly we sell these kimono to students of Japanese tea ceremony, more commonly known as Chanoyu. Iromuji kimono are a solid color and may have mons on them. Edo Komon at a distance look like they are a solid color, however they feature a very small fine design typically made up of traditional motifs. Edo Komono are less formal than Iromuji, Iromuji are more formal than Edo Komon in most traditional kimono formality ranks.


Both of these traditional types of semi-formal to formal Japanese kimono are commonly worn with a juban under the kimono, and a nagoya obi atop it. As with all traditional kimono, Iromuji and Edo Komon require a wide range of accessories to be worn in a traditional manner that respects Japanese customs. Silk tends to be the preferred fabric to make these types of authentic kimono from since the focus is on the quality of the fabric itself, not any classic designs added to them. Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store are gently used unless stated as being brand new. Please give our online kimono store time to load, there are many products and photos.

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