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Women's Under Kimono

Juban Kitsuke Accessories:

1 korin belt, 1 datejime, 1 han-eri, 1 eri-shin

Contrary to popular belief, a person is not nude under their kimono. Japanese kimono are commonly worn in layers, with the most common underlayer being a juban. Men also wear a juban under their kimono however their juban are styled slightly differently. The various juban for sale on this page are intended to be worn in a feminine style. Juban are worn under Japanese kimono, with just the collar visible. Juban are worn by all genders and ages in Japan. Juban are typically worn under a kimono with the collar visible. Juban are typically worn with all kimono. Yukata do not commonly have a juban worn under them, though some people prefer to. Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store are gently used, unless stated as being brand new.

Han-Eri Juban Collars

When wearing a juban under a Japanese kimono, only a hint of the sleeves and the collar are visible. To protect the juban from the natural oils on a person's skin and makeup a han-eri is added to the collar. A han-eri is a decorative piece of fabric that is seen under the kimono collar along the neck. Han-eri are meant to be interchangeable and require no advanced sewing skills to add to a juban. When added they also create a pocket for the eri-shin to be held. Eri-shin are plastic collar stiffeners that give kimono collars their crisp clean look.