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KuroTomesode and IroTomesode

Formal Japanese Kimono For Married Women

Traditional Japanese kimono come in a wide variety of formalities. Tomesode are highly formal Japanese kimono mostly intended for married women. The most formal type of Tomesode is the kurotomesode, which features a colorful design on the bottom of the kimono and a black top. The next most formal type of Japanese kimono for a married woman is the IroTomesode which is colored. on top with a design only on the bottom. Typically these types of traditional kimono feature mons.  These types of formal kimono require a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional manner which includes but is not limited to: a juban with haneri and eri-shin, and a formal obi such as a fukuro obi or nagoya obi. These types of kimono are typically worn by the mother of the bride or groom at a wedding and are reserved for exceptionally formal occasions.

In the world of alternative Japanese fashion, this type of kimono is popular among men due to its striking design. There are a number of photos of young men wearing alternative fashion on the streets of Japan. When considering alternative fashion with Japanese kimono it is important to be respectful and understand the social rules and norms surrounding that particular type of kimono.


 Due to variations in monitor color settings we can not 100% guarantee the colors of our products. Most goods in our online store are gently used, unless stated as being brand new. Please give our kimono store time to load, it is large and will take a moment to load.

More Than Just Traditional Kimono For Sale

Our online kimono store is divided into many sections. Take the time to explore the rest of our online kimono store to discover more Japanese kimono for sale, obi and kitsuke items for sale, and more! To visit us in person at a festival or convention please check out our schedule

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