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Japanese Kimono Coats For Women

Haori are one of our more popular sellers in stock. They are widely popular due to their ease of wearing, and functionality that blends seamlessly into western wardrobes. These lightweight coats are meant to hang open in the front, to better show off the kimono or other attire worn under it. Many of our customers like wearing their haori atop a shirt, with pants. In the past few years, haori have been featured in a few western fashion publications and even graced the catwalk at Fashion weeks around the world including Paris. Typically these coats may be constructed from a wide variety of fabrics and deploy various methods to decorate them.  Occasionally haori feature mons, which raises the formality of the coat. Other than a haori himo, these coats require no accessories or special skills to wear, which also makes them a popular gift. Like kimono, haori do have genders and the selection offered here are intended for a feminine expression.


Haori Construction

Summarily, a Haori is regarded as a Kimono jacket due to its length which is at the hip or thigh level and the arms that are shorter than typical Kimono.  Haori is a lightweight jacket style with beautiful patterns, color, and lengths. Note however that both men and women can make use of the Haori Kimono. The women attires might be made of more flashy materials with bright colors while the men's Haori has muted tones. The Haori Kimono is also very applicable as a jacket that can compliment clothing in all seasons. In the summer, the open coat can be freed for ventilation on the body as it has a lightweight that helps. Whereas, in the summer, it can serve as a poolside cover-up or similar loungewear. Over the years many customers in Flordia have ordered Haori for us, as beachwear.

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