Accessories For Obi

Guide To The Most Common Obi Accessories

There are several different kinds of obi worn with Japanese kimono. Furthermore, obi themselves have specific gender expressions and their own formality language. Having the proper accessories for an obi is critically important for your success for wearing it properly. Wearing an obi without the proper accessories can lead to damage to the obi, and premature wear and tear. The obi accessories shown below are the most common types for wearing with Japanese kimono.  

Guide To Obi & Their Parts

  • Hanhaba Obi: obi-ita (not shown)

  • Nagoya Obi: obi-jime, obiage, obimakura, obi-ita (not shown)

  • Fukuro Obi: obi-jime, obiage, obimakura, obi-ita (not shown)

  • Maur Obi: obi-jime, obiage, obimakura, obi-ita (not shown)

Remember that obi have their own formalities, gender expression, and specific kimono that they should be paired with.

Beginner-friendly obi: hanhaba (for yukata)
Advanced Obi: Fukuro (for furisode and other highly formal kimono)

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