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2024 Traveling Kimono Boutqiue Schedule

Would you love to shop in person with us and get to experience our great selection of authentic kimono firsthand? Throughout the year we select a handful of events and setup our traveling Japanese kimono boutique at them.

Ohio Kimono will be at the following conventions/festivals and is proud to offer top-quality authentic Japanese kimono, haori, and more directly imported from Japan for sale. Our kimono boutique offers a full range of accessories related to wearing kimono such as tabi socks, folding fans, various types of obi, kitsuke dressing tools such as makura and more!

2024 Kimono Boutique Tour (Confirmed Or Pending - subject to change) 


Topics I teach panels/classes on:

*Kimono Dressing - Beginner-friendly workshops dedicated to demonstrating and teaching how to wear kimono in a culturally respectful manner.

*Kimono Types - Introduction to the kinds of kimono, their formalities, and related accessories.

yukata kimono from japan
Convention Purchase & Return Policy


Payment Methods - Cash and credit card. 


No returns, no refunds. Brand new kimono may be exchanged for store credit for major defects if not yet worn. Please inspect your purchase for any undesirable defects before purchasing. Many of the kimono sold are vintage and antique, meaning that they will have minor flaws. Do not purchase vintage or antique kimono if you are not comfortable with minor flaws, and instead buy the brand new ones.  First come first serve. Items will be held for half an hour before being returned for sale.


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