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Nagoya Obi

Casual to SemiFormal Obi For Women's Japanese Kimono

Nagoya Obi Accessories:

1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 obi-ita, 1 obidome

Nagoya obi have a distinct structure, staring on one end as a thin narrow bad where the obi is folded in half. Eventually the narrow bad opens into the full width of the obi. Full-width obi are typically folded in half when dressing a woman. The pre-folded style of nagoya obi makes them slightly easier to wear. Typically these obi are considered casual to semi-formal attire, the formality largely depends on the style and design of the nagoya obi itself. Unlike hanhaba, fukuro, and maru obi these kinds of obi are not tied in a wide variety of styles. The knot in which these obi are tied is called the Taiko Musubi 太鼓 , which translates to Taiko Drum.

Nagoya Obi Formalities

Nagoya obi are a classic default obi to wear with many different types of women's Japanese kimono. The Taiko Musubi is a distinct and classic look, signature to only women's attire. There are different types of nagoya obi and various formalities expressed based on teh design of the obi itself. Design elements such as color, and the presence of gold or silver threads and increase the formality of the nagoya obi.

 Quick Guide To Women's Obi Formality

  • Hanhaba Obi = Informal

  • Tsuke obi = Informal / Casual

  • ​Nagoya Obi = Informal / Casual to Semi Formal / Formal

  • Fukuro Obi = Formal Obi

  • Maru Obi = Super formal Obi

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