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This delightful machine washable haneri is made from cotton is grey and white with a paisley pattern. Han-eri are decorative collars attached to the collar of a juban, and are meant to be interchangeable, and are a simple DIY addition. They are most often associated with women's kimono, however, men can wear han-eri as well.

When attaching your han-eri collar you can adjust the pattern and layout so that what part of if you like the most is visible.


  • Han-Eri Condition: A, new, and unused.
  • Han-Eri Width: 7 In (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Length: 39 in (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Fabric: Cotton fabric with unfinished edges as is tradition. Han-eri almost always has an unfinished edge and are regarded as interchangeable and should be easy to machine wash as they will get dirty along the neckline through wear. Since han-eri are handsewn onto juban a finished edge would make handsewing them more difficult.


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Grey & White Haneri

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